Monday Reads – 17/05

Today’s articles will take you from the office to London, Mumbai, Sierra Leone and Alaska. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Why do we buy into the ‘cult’ of overwork? – Now that the risks of overwork and burn-out have been well established, why is it that many professionals still think of working long hours and constant exhaustion as a marker of success? This article dives into this contentious topic.

How London Became The Center of the World – It’s 10 years ago that I first visited London, where I ended up staying for over a year and continued visiting regularly for a couple more years. It’s truly one of the great ‘World cities’, though, like Mumbai, it might not always and immediately appeal to everyone. This article goes into great detail in explaining why National Geographic considers London to be the centre of the world.

Could Dadar-Matunga hold lessons for a post-COVID Mumbai? – Mumbai has the reputation, possibly not undeserved, of being crowded. But it was not always so. And even today, one can find pockets of calm and green amidst this bustling megacity. Parts of the Matunga neighbourhood in central Mumbai are one such area.

Climate change: Future-proofing coffee in a warming world – Climate change is posing risks for the future of one of the world’s most popular drinks. However, hope exists in the form a wild species of coffee found in West Africa.

The World’s Loneliest Bus Route – And finally to Alaska, where North America’s most northerly bus service carries intrepid passengers over 650 kilometres to above the Arctic circle. This mini-travelogue carries readers along this fascinating journey.

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