Month: October 2021

Monday Reads – 04/10

A few interesting articles I came across recently:

Why You Should Stop Reading News – This article makes a series of thought-provoking statements on the topic of today’s ‘news’ and ‘journalists’. For example, ‘the more news we consume the more misinformed we become.’, and ‘your attention is so valuable, it might be the most important thing you have’.

The Exponential Age will transform economics forever – This article in the Wired argues that ‘It’s hard for us to fathom exponential change – but our inability to do so could tear apart businesses, economies and the fabric of society’. Do take the time to read this fascinating piece.

Why Europe is a great place for digital nomads – The pandemic-inflicted Work From Home phenomenon has shone the spotlight firmly on ‘Digital Nomads’. While it’s usually places like Bali, Thailand and Goa that one usually associates with this trend, this article in the Economist makes the case as to why Europe is also a great place to consider for digital nomads.

How to have a perfect day in Dublin without spending a euro – And talking of Europe, a great itinerary if you are looking to spend a day in Dublin, Ireland sampling some of the many things one can do in that wonderful city without spending much money.