Month: July 2021

Monday Reads – 26/07

Today’s articles reflect the diversity and appeal of India.

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How a village in Maharashtra is helping vultures make a big comeback – What’s the big deal, one might ask? Well, some of you might not know that, over the past few decades, India’s vulture population has declined from 40 million to 19,000! This prompted the development of a National Vulture Conservation Action Plan, to increase the number of vultures by 2025. This article is one rare success story in the recent history of India’s vultures.

India gets its 39th World Heritage Site – Telangana’s 13th century Ramappa temple has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Read more about this site, located near Warangal. And make a plan to visit when the time is right!

How One Man’s Conviction Put Jibhi Valley on the World Tourism Map – Jibhi, in Himachal Pradesh, is nowadays well-known on the traveler circuit. But this is a recent phenomenon, thanks in no small measure to the pioneering efforts of an ex-army man.

The Giu Mummy: Unsolved Mystery of a 14th Century Monk – Another fascinating article from Himachal Pradesh. This is truly Incredible India!

A 600-Year-Old Celebration on the Shores of Pangong Lake – Moving further north to another breath-takingly beautiful part of our country – Ladakh. We (my wife) were fortunate to have visited Pangong Tso, before it shot to prominence after the release of ‘3 Idiots’. The whole experience was one of a kind with the long drive from Ladakh through some desolate and difficult terrain, standing on the shores of the lake with its stunning blue waters and barely any one else around, to eating Maggi (what else) in possibly the only stall still open at that time. Ladakh is one of those placces that everyone should try to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Monday Reads – 19/07

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Hybrid work: How to maximise your in-office days – As things slowly start opening up, it seems very likely that many office workers will go back to a ‘hybrid’ workplace, where they split their working hours between office and home. This article explains how ‘Working out how to divide our tasks between home and the office will be crucial to success.’

Why You Need a Productivity Purge – This article provides some tips that could help those of us who seem to be always juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

Zero-waste living is the future – Sustainability is a buzz-word these days. And ‘zero-waste living’ could just be the holy grail of sustainable living. This article / interview might hopefully inspire some of us to consciously live a more sustainable life.

The Great American Road Trip: A 4-Month Itinerary Around the USA – I love road trips and a road trip across the USA might just be top on my bucket list for road trips. I personally might change some of the pit stops recommended here, but this is still a great resource for anyone who has the time and passion for a long road trip!

Monday Reads – 12/07

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Posted a day late, apologies!

The new fault lines on which the world economy rests – While economies in many parts of the world are booming, the Economist cautions that there are very important issues just beneath the surface that could determine whether the recovery can be sustained.

Curiosity Depends on What You Already Know – A very interesting exploration of why we are curious and what determines the subject of our curiosity.

The birth of India’s film industry: how the movies came to Mumbai – Last week marked the end of an era in Hindi movies, with the passing away of legendary actor, Dilip Kumar. Everyone probably knows that the Indian film industry is the largest in the world and this article looks at the very beginnings of the film industry in Mumbai.

The unsolved mystery of Skeleton Lake – Roopkund is known to the lovers of mountains in India. It contains a mystery that is still far from being solved, more than 80 years after it first came to light.

Monday Reads – 05/07

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We are now more halfway through this year, and hopefully the second half will be better than the first… Here are a few interesting articles to kick off Half Year 2!

Mystery of the wheelie suitcase: how gender stereotypes held back the history of invention – We are now well into the third decade of the 21st Century, but we still have a long way to go before we achieve Gender Equality. I think it’s important to read articles such as these to understand the perils of stereotyping.

History of Indian Railways – The pandemic has meant that it will still be a while before we can start enjoying the pleasures of an Indian rail journey. This interview points out some key moments in the development of this quintessential Indian experience.

‘It feels good’: Kashmir folk singer’s rise from dusty street to music star – It’s always heartwarming to read stories such as these. Folk culture is something to be conserved so that future generations can appreciate it and experience the joy of feeling connected to one’s roots.

Why Malayalam cinema, not Bollywood, is India’s rapid-response unit for Covid films – I hail from the Indian state of Kerala, home to Malayalam cinema. The cinema from this southern state is very different from what one typically sees coming out from Bollywood and this article explains some of the reasons why.