Monday Reads – 24/05

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This week’s list is an eclectic mix across multiple topics. I hope that you will enjoy reading these:

Endless scrolling through social media can literally make you sick – This article introduced me to the term ‘cybersickness’. While I had not heard the term previously, I had no doubt that spending too much time on social media is not healthy for a person’s well-being, both mental and physical. This article goes into detail on what this term refers to and its causes.

What to do about a labour crunch – The initial signs of a post-pandemic world are already highlighting one unfortunate trend – increasing disparities between the rich countries and others. And one sign of this is the labour market. While many developing countries are still struggling heavily with the economic challenges caused by the pandemic, the richer countries are experiencing labour shortages. This article suggests some ways in which this shortage could be alleviated.

Calling Marshall – Another hard-hitting, thought-provoking article by Professor Scott Galloway, in which he argues that “It’s time for a second Marshall Plan, a global investment in the fight against Covid-19 with the world’s premier health-care professionals and superior vaccines.

How rafts helped primates rule the world – ‘Millions of years ago, the oceans presented a formidable barrier to the spread of primates – but were ultimately no match. Did rafts of vegetation help them conquer the globe?

As We Slowly Travel Again, Should We Discover Our Roots? – Another article that highlights the divergence between the “Global North” and “Others”, it’s good to read that people in some countries can start making travel plans again, while for many others, travel still seems very far away.


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