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Monday Reads – 30/11

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Happy Monday! A few interesting articles to kick off the week:

Thinking Three Years Out – Read Jeff Bezos’ secret on how he makes some of Amazon’s most important decisions.

What happens to workplace perks when no-one’s in the office? – A thought-provoking article on what the future of office perks might look like if we accept that Work from Home is likely to be the ‘New Normal’.

Writing for the Internet – In this entertaining read (or hear if you would like to listen to the podcast), writer Morgan Housel expresses his opinion on a variety of topics related to society and work. One of the many interesting takeaways – it’s good to be a little underemployed!

Inside Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s radical management experiment that prompted 14% of employees to quit – Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos, sadly passed away last week. This article explains one of the most radical management experiments that he conducted while with Zappos.

Monday Reads – 23/11

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This week, I decided to select a few articles on some of my favourite topics:

Bird Man – I have been bird-watching for close to four decades now. It still gives me great pleasure to be out and about, peering closely at our feathered friends and trying to identify the species of bird that I am watching. This article goes into detail on why this hobby appeals to many.

The drink that kept us going through Covid-19 – I love my cup of coffee (South Indian filter coffee, black, no sugar). This article looks at how the coffee business has been impacted by the pandemic. Fun fact that I was not aware of prior to reading this article – Coffee was the number one e-commerce grocery product before 2020.

Are your favourite foods at risk of extinction? – Extinction is not an issue with animals alone, even plants run the risk of going extinct. But, as this article states, ‘all plants are part of an eco-system, and as habitats disappear – largely due to farming – or come under pressure through climate change, it can be difficult to predict what effect this will have on food security.

Best in Travel 2021 – This year saw Travel coming almost to a stop. As we wander about what the near future holds for travel, Lonely Planet has ‘decided to make this year’s Best in Travel different by recognizing places and people demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.‘ You might find some places or experiences to add to your bucket list on this list.

‘The Power Of Music’ To Affect The Brain – A casual Web Search will throw up plenty of results on how music impacts us. I found this particular podcast quite interesting.

Monday Reads – 16/11

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Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrated the ‘Festival of Lights’ over the weekend!

This weeks articles cover topics such as Home Delivery, Likely impact of the pandemic on leading global economies, Writing for the Internet, films to inspire wanderlust and more…

How our home delivery habit reshaped the world – I am sure that I won’t be exaggerating when I say that many of us, especially those living in urban areas, have become highly reliant on home deliveries for most of our shopping. This article takes a deep look at what it takes behind the scenes to get our items delivered on time and the impact this is having on cities. Yes, it is written from a UK perspective, but it is just as relevant for countries around the world.

The pandemic has caused the world’s economies to diverge – The Economist writes that ‘As a recovery takes place, however, huge gaps between the performance of countries are opening up—which could yet recast the world’s economic order.

Audio’s post-pandemic boom – While teaching Digital Marketing at Business Schools, for the past couple of years I have opined that one of the key trends in the Digital space will be Audio. It is interesting to read that this is now happening. Do also read the related article – Audio’s Cambrian Moment: Why We Invest in Audio Technology

The Social Media Managers Are Not Okay – It is easy to think that it’s great to have a Social Media Manager’s job. It is an important and in demand role in today’s highly connected world. But, as this article highlights, the reality can be very different. Employers would do well to constantly check in with their teams who are on the ‘on the front lines of a relentless and overwhelming news cycle that is pushing them to the edge‘.

23 Travels Films That Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Holiday – With the holiday season fast approaching, and with the pandemic continuing to throw travel plans in disarray, here are a few films that you might want to watch if you feel like just getting away from it all, even if only for a few hours.

Monday Reads – 02/11

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Two more months left in the year! And this is going to be a very interesting week politically. A few articles to kick off the new week and month.

How the Best Forecasters Predict Events Such as Election Outcomes – This article explores what are the characteristics that define a “superforecaster”. There are some interesting insights in the article that I do not want to reveal here, so please read the article!

Market definitions and tech monopolies – How does one define a market, and a monopoly within that market. This article explores this question with specific reference to ‘Big Tech’.

The Privileged Have Entered Their Escape Pods – A thought-provoking, and sometime scary, article on how the “super rich” are planning for the “End of The World”.

Can young people thrive in a remote-work world? – Now that many of us have been ‘working from home’ for a few months, we are gaining more insights on how this ‘experiment’ is performing. One of the groups for whom this might be more of a challenge is the young people, fresh out of educational schools, who are just starting their careers. This article strives to find answers to the the question ‘The pandemic quashed the experience of learning in a traditional office. Can younger workers grow in the same way while working at their kitchen tables?

India’s young workers are remapping the metros – Continuing on the theme of ‘young workers, this article looks at the immediate impact of the pandemic on Indian cities, from the point of view of young workers. While I believe some of this are reversible effects, nevertheless, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this trend.

Finally, a shout out to A Commonplace Book. This is a ‘scrapbook on startups, venture capital and other miscellany‘ maintained (and shared) by my friend, Sajith Pai. Do give it a look.

Monday Reads – 19/10

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This week’s articles include topics such as Work From Home, Why Read, The Power of Place and The Algebra of Happiness. Happy Reading!

Is Silicon Valley Ready for WFH? – Last week, I wrote about Twitter’s plans for a permanent Work From Home policy. This article looks at how some other Silicon Valley organisations’ plans for WFH.

Why Read? – Some nuggets from Harold Bloom’s book on ‘How to Read and Why’.

The Power of Place: 8 Writers on the Destinations that Changed their Lives – Beautiful nuggets from some leading travel writers on places that inspired them, and literally changes their lives.

The Algebra of Happiness – Regular readers of my weekly column would know that I do like reading articles by Professor Scott Galloway. This, for a change, is a video, but a very nice one on what really makes us happy.