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Monday Reads – 06/04

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The first Monday of the fourth month of the year. Who would have thought, at the beginning of the second, or even third, month that a large percentage of the world’s population would be staying at home under lock-down, with no clear date in sight as to when all this would end…

If you, like me, are pining for the outdoors, then here are a few articles that you might enjoy reading / watching:

25 surprising travel facts that’ll make you see the world in a whole new light – Some interesting nuggets of information here. How many did you know?

Lonely Planet’s Friday Quiz – Continuing with travel, trivia and Lonely Planet, here are some interesting quizzes for all your travel fans. How much did you score?

THE BEST TRAVEL DOCUMENTARIES TO STREAM RIGHT NOW – A great collection of travel documentaries. More to add to my list!

Attenborough’s Reef – Want to (virtually) explore underwater. It might not get better than Sir David Attenborough narrating his travels along the Great Barrier Reef.

Want to Leave This Planet? NASA Is Offering Some Seriously Cool Virtual Space Tours Right Now – Finally, had enough of this planet and dream of going somewhere far away? Well, you can do so virtually now!

Monday Reads – 30/03

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So India announced a 21-day lock-down last Tuesday. Covid-19 is still pretty much the only topic that is being discussed these days. A few articles that try to explain why we are reacting the way we are, and what the future might look like.

Coronavirus is spreading panic. Here’s the science behind why.  – Why do people hoard toilet paper is a question that’s been puzzling me ever since we started reading news of people hoarding and fighting toilet paper rolls. This article explains why.

Economic life after coronavirus: Lessons from the Black Death – This article looks at The Plague that devastated Europe in the second half of the 14th Century and how markets reacted afterwards to ask the question of what the impact on economic life might be after we come out of this crisis.

Today we’re fighting COVID-19. Where will our world be in 2070? – How will humans be interacting with Nature 50 years from now? This is the topic that National Geographic explores in this article, looking at both an optimistic scenario and a more pessimistic one. We have big decisions to make if

Is It Time to Break up with Travel? – There’s no doubt that one of the biggest impacts has been felt by the Travel Industry. And surprisingly, I am yet to find much analysis on what the impact of this could be on the Travel and Hospitality sectors. This is one rare exception.

Monday Reads – 23/03

We are still in the early stages of what Prof. Scott Galloway has called ‘Our Generation’s Biggest Test‘. I wish and hope that the overall impact can be controlled and that this passes by with as minimal as impact as we can hope to expect. However, many analysts believe we have already seen enough to know that this is going to be, quite possibly, a bigger crisis than the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. A few articles on these topics:

Our Generation’s Test – This article from Prof. Scott Galloway is aimed at an America audience. But I believe it applied to most nations. “Aim to be the daughter, boss, manager, dad, government employee who is action-oriented, organized, and disciplined during this crisis. You’ll be one of the people, calm under pressure, whose actions helped beat back this American generation’s biggest test.”

The Damage Across Business – Wall Street Journal’s take on how the new Coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact key industry sectors.

What will the world look like when the music starts again? – A thought-provoking take on what the future might look like when this pandemic is behind us, by my friend Surbhee Grover.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Google Ads Results – Wordstream are the first, I believe, to analyse the impact of this pandemic on an important element of Digital Marketing, Google Search Ads. They have some good insights across 21 industries. And, in my opinion, this is just the beginning (unfortunately).

Take care, stay safe, maintain physical distancing and personal discipline. This too shall pass.

Monday Reads – 16/03

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You don’t need me to tell you that the World is going through some very difficult and unprecedented times. I was wondering if it made any sense to publish my weekly collection in such times, but decided to focus on some articles that I found helpful:

Understand VUCA And Better Lead Your Company Through The SARS-CoV-2 Virus – ‘VUCA‘ is one of those abbreviations that I was not particularly fond of. It seemed like just another unnecessary addition to the jargon of the corporate world. Events of the past few weeks have led me to reassess my point of view. While I can’t say that I have completely reversed my opinion of it, I don’t mind saying that it can provide a useful framework for framing a response to facing uncertain times.

Resources for Families – If you, like me, have children stuck at home these days, then you might find these resources from National Geographic useful.

Dealing with the Immense Uncertainty of the World – This veers more towards spirituality and meditation, so might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for others, it offers a perspective and a course of action.

Yuval Noah Harari’s History of Everyone, Ever – Finally, if you are looking for a nice, long, slightly distracting read, then you might like this particular feature on noted academician and author – Yuval Noah Harari. I learnt that Mr. Harari practices Vipassana meditation and he regularly visits India for these sessions.

Finally, please stay safe, this will soon pass.

Monday Reads – 09/03

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What your business needs to do to compete in 2020, the future of Grocery Shopping, the issues associated with Internet usage and a small note that I found inspiring:

The Experience Disrupters – Great analysis and insights from the CEO of HubSpot about what businesses need to do to compete in 2020. The summary is that, for brands to be successful in this age, it’s not enough to just have a good product. Brands need to focus on the experience they are providing to their customers and make that the focus of disruption to create brand loyalty.

Why Grocery Shopping Is on Its Way Out – A long, but very thought-provoking article on how technology is disrupting something fundamental Grocery Shopping. While we can safely say that the ship has sailed when it comes to bringing back good old-fashioned people- and relationship-driven commerce, what is the potential cost of this digital convenience?

Issues with the Internet – The article above, and other ‘bad’ news that seem to be dominating the media these days prompted me to write this note. It’s a summary of the results of a study commissioned by the EU to understand the potentially harmful impacts of internet usage on people and society.

Keep Going. No Matter What – A small note, but one that I found inspiring, on the power of perseverance.

Happy Monday!