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Monday Reads – 19/04

Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

With Covid cases increasing steeply in India, requesting all readers in India to stay home as much as possible. Here are a few articles that you can read while at home.

An Atlas of the Cosmos – How do we map the Cosmos? Read this article to learn more on this fascinating topic.

The bizarre reason watching birds can make you happier than money – Bird-watching has been a hobby of mine for most of my life. I have always been happy while watching birds. This article posits a few reasons for why this can be such a pleasurable hobby.

The fight to save India’s most elusive cat – India’s most famous cat is undoubtedly the tiger, though few know that many varieties of wild cats, both big and small, exist in our diverse country. This article looks at one of the lesser known wild cats of India.

How the bathroom became the ultimate sanctuary – Many of us would find resonance in the statement that the bathroom has become a place of piece and solitude in today’s age. This article looks at the history and evolution of the humble bathroom.

Why we define ourselves by our jobs – This is a topic that I have pondered about. Why is it that our identities (typically) are so defined by our jobs (and titles). There is no easy answer to this topic, but this article is a good exploration of this topic.

Monday Reads – 05/04

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This week’s set contains articles from Science, Business and more. Happy reading!

When did life first emerge in the universe? – A long, but fascinating article explaining the possible origin of life in the Universe and the prospects for life in the distant future.

String theorist Michio Kaku: ‘Reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea’ – Continuing on the theme of science, this is an interview with a scientist working on String Theory. It seems like any discussion on Quantum Physics ends up being a discussion about God, and this one is no different. Read on till the end to understand this scientist’s views on the topic.

We still don’t know the origins of the coronavirus. Here are 4 scenarios. – It’s been over a year since the world went into lockdown. And, unfortunately, parts of India are preparing to go back into lockdown soon. This article lays out 4 possible scenarios about the origins of the Coronavirus.

We (might) Work – Remember the disaster that was the WeWork IPO? Well, I subsequently worked out a WeWork facility and really enjoyed the experience. It turns out that WeWork has been, over the past few months, quietly rectifying its ship and might be on the path to profitability soon.

Maska Bun and Migration: Irani Cafes of Bombay – You can tale a person out of Mumbai (Bombay), but you can’t take Mumbai (Bombay) out of a person. Even though I have not been staying in Mumbai for over 12 years now, I still think that no other city in India (and very few in the World) can match it in terms of experiences. It appeals (and attacks) almost every sense. This article talks about one of the icons of Mumbai – the humble Irani cafe.

Monday Reads – 29/03

Photo by Jyoti Singh on Unsplash

A mix of articles across business, equality and travel make up this week’s list. And Happy Holi!

The Sonic (Entrepreneurship) Boom – Is this post-pandemic period going to be one of history’s most productive eras? Professor Scott Galloway reckons that this is the best time to start a business in over a decade. Read this article to find out why.

Nazara’s 22-year survival journey to $80 million gaming IPO – A fascinating article on how one of India’s oldest tech ‘start-ups’ navigated two near-death experiences and is now getting ready to list on the stock exchange.

John Stuart Mill’s Philosophy of Equality – ‘Sometimes in the debates about how to improve equality in our society, the reason why we should desire equality gets lost. In his classic text The Subjection of Women, John Stuart Mill explains why equality is critical for solving the world’s problems—because it allows everyone to decide how they can best contribute to society.

This ancient city is the perfume capital of India – There is so much to see and experience in India – it’s truly mind-boggling. This article talks about a town in the heartland of the Indian Gangetic Plains and it’s history of perfumery.

Monday Reads – 22/03


This week’s articles focus on topics that I am interested in – history / architecture, food and bird-watching. Happy reading!

The bizarre link between bird migration and quantum physics – Quantum physics is a topic that I got interested in a few years after leaving University. It still interests me, but bird-watching is a hobby that I pursue far more seriously. This article brings these two very different topics together in an attempt to explain one of the more profound mysteries of nature.

India’s Oldest Surviving Temples – Cultural heritage is a topic that I have recently got into. And I am fortunate to be living in a country where ancient heritage is all around us. I was fascinated by reading this article, especially as most of the oldest temples in India are located in small towns and villages across the country.

The Spice Route – Another aspect of living in India that’s so fascinating is the food – the diversity, the taste and, of course, the spices. This article explores the use of spices in different parts of the world.

South Indian Filter Coffee Is Like No Coffee You’ve Had Before – Regular readers of my blog would have likely guessed by now that I am coffee lover. Living abroad, my coffee of choice used to be a cappuccino (full cream milk, no sugar). After coming back to India, I realised that, while there is a growing coffee culture here, tastes differ and I was struggling to find a decent cappuccino. It was during these times of struggle that I rediscovered South Indian filter coffee. Now, brewing that decoction has become a daily routine that I look forward to!

Monday Reads – 15/03

Photo by Patrick Browne on Unsplash

Articles on Decision making, work-life balance, the role of food in evolution, snakes in Ireland and more make up this week’s set of readings:

Avoiding Bad Decisions – A simple, yet helpful article on the reasons why we make bad decisions and tips on how we can reduce bad decision making.

Why it’s wrong to look at work-life balance as an achievement – Numerous articles have been written on this topic, but there is no doubt that many of us struggle to find this balance. This article takes a slightly different view on this issue and suggests some ways in which employees and employers can make the situation better.

How India Spends, Shops and Saves in the New Reality? – A report from BCG that ‘highlights key changes about how Indian consumers are likely to spend, shop, and save in the new decade.‘. Not all of the insights might be revolutionary but you might find some interesting nuggets in this report.

How early humans’ quest for food stoked the flames of evolution – A fascinating article that suggests that ‘Ancient humans who had the ability to smell and desire more complex aromas, and enjoy food and drink with a sour taste, gained evolutionary advantages over their less-discerning rivals‘. Worth a read!

Snakeless in Ireland – It’s St. Patrick’s Day later this week. I was fortunate to have lived a few years in the beautiful country of Ireland. One of the oddities of the Emerald Isle is that there are no snakes to be found here. This article lays out the reason why this is the case.