Day 8 of Lock-down: My India Travel List Part 1

Arunachal Pradesh
Photo by Hadwt Baglari on Unsplash

So it would like all summer travel plans are off. Luckily, we had not made any major travel plans for this summer, except for a weekend trip to Kerala for a family function in May.

I had posted yesterday about some interesting lists. Today’s list is my own wish-list of places in India that I would like to visit someday. I will start with the region that I have never visited, North East India:

Arunachal Pradesh – Yes, I would love to visit Tawang. But higher up on the list for me would be either of Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary or Namdapha National Park.

NagalandKohima War Cemetery, the site of one of the greatest battles of World War II.

ManipurMoreh, a town on the Indo-Burmese border would be quite an off-beat destination to visit.

Mizoram – Possibly the least visited state in India. Simply getting there would be a highlight.

Tripura – In addition to the Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala, photos of which look simply stunning, I am curious about the archaeological site at Unakoti.

Meghalaya – Meghalaya has become a reasonably popular tourist destination these days. I would love to spend a few days soaking in the musical culture of the place and eating at one of the numerous cafes of Shillong.

Assam – By far the largest state and the gateway to the region. Top of the list would be the unique and world-famous Kaziranga National Park.

More to follow over the next few days!


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