Day 7 of Lock-down and Some Interesting Lists

Atlas, camera
Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

As many places of the world get resigned to the fact that it might still be a while before things get back to anything resembling ‘normal’ again, we are seeing more and more lists of interesting things to read, watch and listen pop up. Here are a few that I came across recently:

18 Best Travel Shows You Can Stream Right Now – An exhaustive compilation on CN Traveller. This should keep us occupied for a few weeks!

Best travel films and TV shows to stream right now – Continuing with the theme of travel, this is from Lonely Planet. It’s nicely categorised, so you can choose where you want to start and dive in!

The best Lonely Planet Spotify playlists for travellers pining for the road – Working from home and pining for your next travel getaway? These playlists might just transport you for some time to some of the most popular cities in the World.

The top cricketing reads for a long and yawning summer – This is typically the time that the cricket season starts in England, but it’s unlikely that one is getting to watch cricket (or any sport) anytime soon. In the meantime, cricket lovers can keep themselves occupied with some interesting reads from the world of cricket.

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