Mangalore Road Trip: Day 1 – Drive to Mangalore

Our first road trip on 2022 was to Mangalore, to attend a family function.

The day started with an adventure. I usually hire a car from Zoomcar for long drives. On the morning when I was to receive my car (at home), I received a call from them stating they cannot do home delivery and asking me to pick up the car. This usually is not much of a problem, except that, in this case, the car was in Hoskote, a town about 30 kilometres outside Bangalore. I had to take an Uber inter-city ride to pick up the car. Thankfully, I found the car without any issue, but on starting, found out that it had almost no gas left in the tank. I had to find the nearest petrol pump and pay that the car does not run out of gas before reaching the pump, which thankfully it didn’t. The result of all this drama in the morning was that it was 8 am when we finally left our home, while initially we were hoping to leave by 6.

I took the route via Nelamangala, Hassan, Sakleshpura and Shirady Ghat. We stopped for breakfast soon after crossing Nelamangala. The place was busy, but the food (and coffee) was decent. Our next halt was for refueling at a pump close to Hassan. We stopped for lunch at The Ossoor just before Sakleshpura. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a good lunch option along this route.

I had been warned that the Shirady ghat route was not in great condition, so I was prepared for the bumpy roads that followed. But it was not that bad, and we were soon on good roads again, journeying down the Ghats into the coast of South Kanara. The change in weather was very obvious as soon as one entered the plains of the coast. But, for a person born and brought up on the coast, this was a pleasant sensation.

It was after 6 pm that we finally reached the hotel where we were to spend the night. After refreshing ourselves, we went for dinner to a local restaurant that was recommended to us by the hotel owner. It was a typical regional eatery, very busy, and the food was decent.

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