Road Trip: Day 3 – Kabbe Hills and Chelavara Waterfalls

On the third day of our holidays, we decided to explore Coorg. Our first destination was Kabbe Hills.

Kabbe Hills is located in the southern part of Coorg, close to the border with Kerala. I was looking for a short, easy hike that my kids could enjoy, and online reviews indicated that this might fit the bill. It was a 90 minute drive from our place of stay, but it was a pleasant drive on road winding through coffee estates and small towns.

The last stretch of road before we started the hike was especially narrow and winding, but it was well maintained and led to a small parking space. Commendably, there were toilets at this place.

There is a forest check-post before the start of the hike. They did a through check of our bags, as food is not allowed on the hike. We decided to leave one of our bags behind. Our kids were unhappy as they were looking forward to a picnic lunch.

From the base, the hill appeared very tall, but it did not take more than 45 minutes to reach the peak (even at the slow pace we were doing, with numerous halts to catch our breaths). The reviews were right, it was an easy hike, with some nice views over the surrounding hills and countryside. There was a steady breeze blowing, which ensured that we never felt hit, even though we did the climb in the afternoon.

Descending down and walking back to the car, we then decided to visit Chelavara falls, which we had passed on our way up.

The parking space here could only accommodate a couple of cars at a time, so I had to wait for some of the parked cars to drive away before I could park the car and walk towards the falls. It’s only a brief walk to the falls, which had a surprisingly decent amount of water flowing, even though we were not in the monsoon season. It was a pleasant spot, but probably not worth driving a long time to visit.

After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we headed back to our treehouse and relaxed with another nice cup of strong filter coffee!

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