Monday Reads – 02/08

Liocichla bugunorum painting
Bugun liocichla

Here are a few interesting articles I came across over the past days:

Forward Thinking on measuring GDP and productivity with Diane Coyle – How do we measure the impact on GDP from doing things that you do not pay for? Should we include Nature in our definition of what counts as Economy? What about unpaid housework? Read (or listen to) this interview to find our more about these issues.

The birthplace of the US vacation – Have you ever thought of how the word ‘vacation’ originated? This article has the answer (it is connected with the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States).

Australia’s secret weapon at the Tokyo Olympics – Australia is a sport-mad nation. They do take it very seriously. As they do something else, which you will have to read the article to know more about!

How the Bugun Liocichla is Keeping an Indigenous Culture in the Northeast Alive – The Bugun Liocichla is a recently discovered species of bird, found in a small pocket in Northeast India. This article explores the linkages between the inhabitants of the land, the forests around them and the issues of conservation linked to this rare bird.

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