Monday Reads – 19/07

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Hybrid work: How to maximise your in-office days – As things slowly start opening up, it seems very likely that many office workers will go back to a ‘hybrid’ workplace, where they split their working hours between office and home. This article explains how ‘Working out how to divide our tasks between home and the office will be crucial to success.’

Why You Need a Productivity Purge – This article provides some tips that could help those of us who seem to be always juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

Zero-waste living is the future – Sustainability is a buzz-word these days. And ‘zero-waste living’ could just be the holy grail of sustainable living. This article / interview might hopefully inspire some of us to consciously live a more sustainable life.

The Great American Road Trip: A 4-Month Itinerary Around the USA – I love road trips and a road trip across the USA might just be top on my bucket list for road trips. I personally might change some of the pit stops recommended here, but this is still a great resource for anyone who has the time and passion for a long road trip!

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