Monday Reads – 05/07

Photo by Jan Gemerle on Unsplash

We are now more halfway through this year, and hopefully the second half will be better than the first… Here are a few interesting articles to kick off Half Year 2!

Mystery of the wheelie suitcase: how gender stereotypes held back the history of invention – We are now well into the third decade of the 21st Century, but we still have a long way to go before we achieve Gender Equality. I think it’s important to read articles such as these to understand the perils of stereotyping.

History of Indian Railways – The pandemic has meant that it will still be a while before we can start enjoying the pleasures of an Indian rail journey. This interview points out some key moments in the development of this quintessential Indian experience.

‘It feels good’: Kashmir folk singer’s rise from dusty street to music star – It’s always heartwarming to read stories such as these. Folk culture is something to be conserved so that future generations can appreciate it and experience the joy of feeling connected to one’s roots.

Why Malayalam cinema, not Bollywood, is India’s rapid-response unit for Covid films – I hail from the Indian state of Kerala, home to Malayalam cinema. The cinema from this southern state is very different from what one typically sees coming out from Bollywood and this article explains some of the reasons why.

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