Monday Reads – 31/05

Photo by Nic Y-C on Unsplash

It’s almost Summer in the Northern Hemisphere where there’s still hope for people desiring to take a summer vacation. That hope is all but extinguished here in India, where the effects of the pandemic continue to be strongly felt. Stay safe, wherever you might be.

Why Companies Should Adopt a Hub-and-Spoke Work Model Post-Pandemic – How will offices look like post-pandemic? While employees, by and large, embraced remote work during the early stages of the pandemic, by now, it’s wearing thin. Employees have started to miss some of the social and cultural aspects of office life. This article suggests one option for a post-pandemic work model.

Why the next stage of capitalism is coming – There’s no doubt that Capitalism has played a key role in the economic development of millions globally. But will it remain the same in the future?

That “Dreaded” Commute Is Actually Good for Your Health – Continuing on the theme of returning to office is this article that explains why a commute is actually good for your health. I agree with this view. What about you?

How France is testing free public transport – This is something that has always puzzled me. Why can’t more cities / countries offer free public transport? Surely, the benefits should outweigh the additional costs? Well, it turns out that there are a few cities that are testing this out. Let’s hope they make it permanent!

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