Monday Reads – 03/05

Photo by Victor Freitas on

A few interesting articles to kick off the first week of May:

When jazz fever gripped the townships – 30th April was International Jazz Day and hence this article is particularly topical.

Rare White-Bellied Heron Spotted in Arunachal Pradesh – In a rare piece of good news in these trying teams, one of the rarest birds on the planet was recently spotted in Arunachal Pradesh state of India.

Scientists Find Billion-Year-Old Fossil Life, ‘Something Which Has Never Been Described Before’ – An interesting news article from the field of Natural History.

Wasps: why I love them, and why you should too – I must admit that I had never really given much thought to wasps. But it turns out that many people do not like them, though they play a very important role in the ecosystem. Read this article to find out why.

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