Monday Reads – 26/04

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

It is feeling like 2020 all over again, with the rise in COVID-19 cases in India. So as much as I wish it wasn’t the case, today’s list starts with an analysis of the current situation regarding the pandemic in India.

India’s giant second wave is a disaster for it and the world – An analysis by the Economist on the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Yes, there is the standard Western take on Indian politics, but for the most part, this article gets it right, in my humble opinion.

The Pandemic Helped Some Marketers Kick This Digital Marketing Habit – I am a Digital Marketer by profession. Though I usually don’t refer to this topic in my weekly recommended reads, I am making an exception for this one as it’s an interesting one with possibly significant medium term implications for the field.

Threats – Moving from India to the United States of America and to Professor Scott Galloway listing some of the biggest threats to the nation (spoiler: none of them are external threats). Very thought-provoking, as is usually the case with the Professor.

5 Young Women and Girls Fighting for Climate Justice You Should Know – Last week (April 22nd) was World Earth Day and hence, this article was rather timely. ‘Girls’ education is one of the most powerful yet overlooked strategies in the fight against climate change‘ – I don’t think there can be any argument against this statement.

Thrissur Pooram – An Unmissable Spectacle! – India is well known as the land of spectacular festivals. But this one, celebrated last week, might be the grandest one that you have neve heard of!

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