Monday Reads – 22/03


This week’s articles focus on topics that I am interested in – history / architecture, food and bird-watching. Happy reading!

The bizarre link between bird migration and quantum physics – Quantum physics is a topic that I got interested in a few years after leaving University. It still interests me, but bird-watching is a hobby that I pursue far more seriously. This article brings these two very different topics together in an attempt to explain one of the more profound mysteries of nature.

India’s Oldest Surviving Temples – Cultural heritage is a topic that I have recently got into. And I am fortunate to be living in a country where ancient heritage is all around us. I was fascinated by reading this article, especially as most of the oldest temples in India are located in small towns and villages across the country.

The Spice Route – Another aspect of living in India that’s so fascinating is the food – the diversity, the taste and, of course, the spices. This article explores the use of spices in different parts of the world.

South Indian Filter Coffee Is Like No Coffee You’ve Had Before – Regular readers of my blog would have likely guessed by now that I am coffee lover. Living abroad, my coffee of choice used to be a cappuccino (full cream milk, no sugar). After coming back to India, I realised that, while there is a growing coffee culture here, tastes differ and I was struggling to find a decent cappuccino. It was during these times of struggle that I rediscovered South Indian filter coffee. Now, brewing that decoction has become a daily routine that I look forward to!

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