Monday Reads – 15/03

Photo by Patrick Browne on Unsplash

Articles on Decision making, work-life balance, the role of food in evolution, snakes in Ireland and more make up this week’s set of readings:

Avoiding Bad Decisions – A simple, yet helpful article on the reasons why we make bad decisions and tips on how we can reduce bad decision making.

Why it’s wrong to look at work-life balance as an achievement – Numerous articles have been written on this topic, but there is no doubt that many of us struggle to find this balance. This article takes a slightly different view on this issue and suggests some ways in which employees and employers can make the situation better.

How India Spends, Shops and Saves in the New Reality? – A report from BCG that ‘highlights key changes about how Indian consumers are likely to spend, shop, and save in the new decade.‘. Not all of the insights might be revolutionary but you might find some interesting nuggets in this report.

How early humans’ quest for food stoked the flames of evolution – A fascinating article that suggests that ‘Ancient humans who had the ability to smell and desire more complex aromas, and enjoy food and drink with a sour taste, gained evolutionary advantages over their less-discerning rivals‘. Worth a read!

Snakeless in Ireland – It’s St. Patrick’s Day later this week. I was fortunate to have lived a few years in the beautiful country of Ireland. One of the oddities of the Emerald Isle is that there are no snakes to be found here. This article lays out the reason why this is the case.

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