Monday Reads – 22/02

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A few very interesting articles from the world of Business in this week’s list:

The future of work after COVID-19 – Many articles have been penned on this topic over the past 10 – 12 months. But this is one of the first, detailed and data-driven articles that I have come across on this topic. It also have some (relatively) good news for India.

A Framework for Innovation in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond – Another buzzword that has been very prominent lately in the context of Covid is Innovation. While my personal opinion is that some of it is just plain opportunistic, this article by a couple of academicians in the USA aim to provide a framework for assessing innovation.

Your Environment Shapes Your Decisions – A wonderful article on why the typical modern office is a terrible place for decision making. Just one of the great lines in this article – ‘If you’re not pushing paper, firing up hundreds of emails, calling and attending meetings, and chasing something down … just what the heck are you doing?

Solve Problems Before They Happen by Developing an “Inner Sense of Captaincy” – The second article this week from the excellent Farnam Street Blog. ‘If we want to get away from glorifying those who run around putting out fires, we need to cultivate an organizational culture that empowers everyone to act responsibly at the first sign of smoke.

How boredom can be a force for good or bad – In the modern work context, ‘being bored’ is not seen as a good thing (read the third article on this list). However, this article makes the point that boredom might not necessarily be a bad thing. What’s important is that we try to understand why we are bored and find an appropriate response. The article explains this with a few examples.

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