Monday Reads – 08/02

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Amazon, Twitter, Design and Personal Renewal are some of the topics in this week’s set:

Life after Jeff – The news that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO of Amazon was one of the biggest in the business world in the past few days. This article takes a look at the challenges that the next CEO, Andy Jassy, will likely face as he steps into this role.

Overhauling Twitter – Twitter is, without doubt, a useful platform. However, it has faced challenges with generating revenue corresponding to its popularity and usage, as well as with moderating the content posted by users on it’s platform. Professor Scott Galloway has written about this before, but I believe this to be the most detailed one yet.

Personal Renewal – A wonderful, if slightly long, article on the topic of ‘Self-Renewal’, by the American author, John Gardner. It’s full of beautiful one-liners, such as, ‘By midlife, most of us are accomplished fugitives from ourselves.’, ‘Life is an endless unfolding, and if we wish it to be, an endless process of self-discovery, an endless and unpredictable dialogue between our own potentialities and the life situations in which we find ourselves.’, ‘There is no perfection of techniques that will substitute for the lift of spirit and heightened performance that comes from strong motivation’.

Taste for Makers – This is another longish article on an interesting topic – Taste. Specifically, is good design subjective or objective? Read on to find out what Paul Graham thinks of this.

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