Monday Reads – 18/01

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Articles across a few topics that I have a keen interest in:

5 consumer truths to get your marketing ready for 2021 – Kicking things off this week is a marketing insights article from Google. ‘To get ready for 2021 and beyond, marketers will need to embrace agility over certainty, make data and analytics part of their business process and provide customers with a more personal and seamless experience — all while reassuring and reminding people that businesses are getting the basics right.

Why do humans embrace rituals? – A fascinating look at how rituals might have evolved. ‘Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, humans are again adopting new behaviors in response to a threat, although it’s too early to tell whether any of these behaviors will become truly ritualized.

Why we stop discovering new music at age 30 – I came across this article via a LinkedIn post where the poster asked the question of how many of us are still listening to music that we grew up listening to, or are we actively seeking out and enjoying contemporary music. I used to be one of those listening to ‘good, old music’, but of late, I have started listening to music from contemporary artists, and enjoying it. This article explains why it is so difficult for many of us to ‘unlearn and relearn’ when it comes to music.

A New Population of Blue Whales Was Discovered Hiding in the Indian Ocean – It might seem strange to talk about the largest mammal to have ever lived on Earth to go into ‘hiding’. But Blue Whales are very difficult to study as they usually spend their times far away from human settlements. Interestingly, this new population was discovered through their ‘song’.

The Great Grift – Another thought-provoking hard-hitting article from Professor Scott Galloway wraps up this week’s set. Happy reading!

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