Monday Reads – 11/01

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A few interesting articles I came across recently:

Secrets about People – I will admit that I had not heard of Rene Girard till I came across this fascinating introduction to his work. Among other things, it explains why spending more time on social media could make us more miserable, why hierarchies developed, and why a “CEO” will never be as effective as a “founder”.

“Jootsing”: The Key to Creativity – “Jootsing” means “jumping out of the system.” And this article looks at how we can apply this concept to foster creativity. As the article states, “If your schedule is crammed with only room for what’s productive in an obvious way, you’ll have a hard time seeing outside of the existing system.

Did Google and Facebook kill the media revenue model? – There can be very little doubt that the traditional “print” media has been one of the most disrupted industries due to the internet. This article explores the relationship between the media industry and Big Tech.

How ’15-minute cities’ will change the way we socialise – Read more about The ’15-minute city’ – a new model for urban planning that is looking to improve quality of life by creating cities where everything a resident needs can be reached within a quarter of an hour by foot or bike.

12 ways to travel sustainably in the new year – If you, like millions of people, are hoping to resume traveling like ‘BC” (Before Coronavirus), then you might want to consider some of the suggestions in this article.

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