Monday Reads – 14/12

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A few articles from diverse topics make up this week’s reading list.

The Great Dispersion – I have been reading (and recommending) Prof. Scott Galloway’s articles for some time now and, more often than not, I find them insightful and thought-provoking. In this article, he discusses the potential impact of the increased ‘dispersion’ due to the pandemic on society.

How To Think For Yourself – Another person from the field of business whose articles I enjoy reading is Paul Graham. In this long article, Mr. Graham talks about the concept of ‘independent-mindedness’ (as opposed to ‘conventional-mindedness’) and ways in which we can make ourselves more independent-minded.

The Future of Online Journalism? – Everyone knows and would agree that Media is one of the industries that has been most affected by the increased popularity of the Internet (along with Travel Agents, in my opinion). Recently though, a ‘start-up’ has been making waves in this field. Will this be the saviour of Online Journalism?

After Centuries, a Seemingly Simple Math Problem Gets an Exact Solution – On the face of it, the problem doesn’t seem very complex.  Imagine a circular fence that encloses one acre of grass. If you tie a goat to the inside of the fence, how long a rope do you need to allow the animal access to exactly half an acre? Read the article to find out why this problem is so complex.

The 10 best countries for working remotely – If you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones to have the freedom (and luxury) to work from anywhere in the world, then you might find this article by Lonely Planet very informative. For me, it was interesting to see that the second parameter on which the countries are judged, after cost of accommodation, is the local cost of coffee!

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