Monday Reads – 07/12

The last month of the year is (finally) here! Here are some articles for you to peruse as we start counting down to 2021…

Can History Predict the Future? – Thought provoking from researcher Peter Turchin following his application of mathematical modeling to the field of human history. One of the key factors driving social violence? ‘Elite overproduction‘.

Why cities are not as bad for you as you think – Popular belief has it that living in cities is not great for your health and living amidst wide open spaces with less population density is better than living in urban areas. But does the data support this view? Read this article to find out.

Mental Models for Career Changes – Making a career change can be a daunting task. This article explores certain mental models once can adopt for help with making such a decision.

All change: India’s railways bring back tea in clay cups in bid to banish plastics – This topic periodically pops up in the news. As anyone who have traveled by Indian railways would attest to, the sight of plastic waste lining the sides of the track is a depressing one. Let’s hope this initiative gains traction and can be sustainable.

Get to Know India’s Forgotten Heritage Structures – India is very fortunate to have a rich architectural heritage. Unfortunately, many heritage structures suffer from a lack of attention, protection and care. There are many organisations traying to play a role in heritage conservation. This article looks at one of them that is trying to tackle this issue through citizen participation.

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