Monday Reads – 23/11

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

This week, I decided to select a few articles on some of my favourite topics:

Bird Man – I have been bird-watching for close to four decades now. It still gives me great pleasure to be out and about, peering closely at our feathered friends and trying to identify the species of bird that I am watching. This article goes into detail on why this hobby appeals to many.

The drink that kept us going through Covid-19 – I love my cup of coffee (South Indian filter coffee, black, no sugar). This article looks at how the coffee business has been impacted by the pandemic. Fun fact that I was not aware of prior to reading this article – Coffee was the number one e-commerce grocery product before 2020.

Are your favourite foods at risk of extinction? – Extinction is not an issue with animals alone, even plants run the risk of going extinct. But, as this article states, ‘all plants are part of an eco-system, and as habitats disappear – largely due to farming – or come under pressure through climate change, it can be difficult to predict what effect this will have on food security.

Best in Travel 2021 – This year saw Travel coming almost to a stop. As we wander about what the near future holds for travel, Lonely Planet has ‘decided to make this year’s Best in Travel different by recognizing places and people demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.‘ You might find some places or experiences to add to your bucket list on this list.

‘The Power Of Music’ To Affect The Brain – A casual Web Search will throw up plenty of results on how music impacts us. I found this particular podcast quite interesting.

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