Monday Reads – 16/11

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Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrated the ‘Festival of Lights’ over the weekend!

This weeks articles cover topics such as Home Delivery, Likely impact of the pandemic on leading global economies, Writing for the Internet, films to inspire wanderlust and more…

How our home delivery habit reshaped the world – I am sure that I won’t be exaggerating when I say that many of us, especially those living in urban areas, have become highly reliant on home deliveries for most of our shopping. This article takes a deep look at what it takes behind the scenes to get our items delivered on time and the impact this is having on cities. Yes, it is written from a UK perspective, but it is just as relevant for countries around the world.

The pandemic has caused the world’s economies to diverge – The Economist writes that ‘As a recovery takes place, however, huge gaps between the performance of countries are opening up—which could yet recast the world’s economic order.

Audio’s post-pandemic boom – While teaching Digital Marketing at Business Schools, for the past couple of years I have opined that one of the key trends in the Digital space will be Audio. It is interesting to read that this is now happening. Do also read the related article – Audio’s Cambrian Moment: Why We Invest in Audio Technology

The Social Media Managers Are Not Okay – It is easy to think that it’s great to have a Social Media Manager’s job. It is an important and in demand role in today’s highly connected world. But, as this article highlights, the reality can be very different. Employers would do well to constantly check in with their teams who are on the ‘on the front lines of a relentless and overwhelming news cycle that is pushing them to the edge‘.

23 Travels Films That Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Holiday – With the holiday season fast approaching, and with the pandemic continuing to throw travel plans in disarray, here are a few films that you might want to watch if you feel like just getting away from it all, even if only for a few hours.

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