Ladakh – an amazing part of the world

Photo by Akhilesh Joshi on Unsplash

It was 14 years ago, somewhere around this date, that my wife and I visited Ladakh. It had always been on my bucket-list, so I was looking forward to the trip, and it did not disappoint. It’s a place that’s like no other in India.

Back then, it was not a very popular place with Indian tourists. We visited ‘off-season’ and, if my memory serves me right, there were more foreign tourists than Indian ones. I have not been back since, but I am sure the situation would be different now – the place has featured prominently in blockbuster Hindi movies, and the Manali to Leh road is the go-to road trip for adventurous bikers and drivers.

For people who would like to know more about this fascinating corner of the world, here are a few articles and videos that I recently came across that you might enjoy perusing:

Ronnie & Barty’s vlogs – Ronnie & Barty are a couple who traded their big city life for a life in the mountains. They have a background in media and it shows in the quality of their vlogs. There are a couple of superb playlists worth viewing:

Snow Leopards in Ladakh – A piece on one of the most elusive large mammals in the world, and the community conservation efforts in the region. This is the one that prompted me to write this post.

Spotting Birds in Ladakh – In a similar vein to the above article, this one talks about bird-watching in this high, arid, remote region.

I hope these articles make you seriously consider visiting this unique place when the time is right!

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