Monday Reads – 09/11

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A few articles on lifestyle in general in this week’s set:

Easter Island Shows Why Humanity Will Be Extinct Within 100 Years – In general, I am not a fan of ‘doom and gloom’ prediction on the future of humanity. I do believe that we are intelligent and resourceful enough to find a solution, but the solution might not be palatable to everyone. But this one has a set of recommended ‘action items’ and it’s an interesting read.

Why coffee could be good for your health – I am an avid coffee drinker, so I am definitely biased! But it felt good to read that my beverage of choice could actually be a healthy choice as well!

Flat White World – An article in ‘The Economist’ on the manifestation of a new ‘globalisation’, from a design perspective. It will be interesting to see what the reaction to this trend is likely to be…

The Idea of India – I came across a blog by Durga Prasad Dash recently and spent a pleasurable time over the weekend reading its entries. I have just highlighted this post as it touches upon a topic that I am particularly interested in – the geography of India and it’s imprint on it’s history.

Tracing a River’s Soul, From Source to Sea – In another recent post of mine, I had written about the evolution of Travel Media. I was not very optimistic, while writing it, on the future of Travel writing. But since then I have come across some interesting books and articles that are making me revise my opinion! This is one such article.

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