Monday Reads – 02/11

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Two more months left in the year! And this is going to be a very interesting week politically. A few articles to kick off the new week and month.

How the Best Forecasters Predict Events Such as Election Outcomes – This article explores what are the characteristics that define a “superforecaster”. There are some interesting insights in the article that I do not want to reveal here, so please read the article!

Market definitions and tech monopolies – How does one define a market, and a monopoly within that market. This article explores this question with specific reference to ‘Big Tech’.

The Privileged Have Entered Their Escape Pods – A thought-provoking, and sometime scary, article on how the “super rich” are planning for the “End of The World”.

Can young people thrive in a remote-work world? – Now that many of us have been ‘working from home’ for a few months, we are gaining more insights on how this ‘experiment’ is performing. One of the groups for whom this might be more of a challenge is the young people, fresh out of educational schools, who are just starting their careers. This article strives to find answers to the the question ‘The pandemic quashed the experience of learning in a traditional office. Can younger workers grow in the same way while working at their kitchen tables?

India’s young workers are remapping the metros – Continuing on the theme of ‘young workers, this article looks at the immediate impact of the pandemic on Indian cities, from the point of view of young workers. While I believe some of this are reversible effects, nevertheless, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this trend.

Finally, a shout out to A Commonplace Book. This is a ‘scrapbook on startups, venture capital and other miscellany‘ maintained (and shared) by my friend, Sajith Pai. Do give it a look.

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