Monday Reads – 26/10

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Happy Dussehra to everyone celebrating!

This week’s articles largely focus on Design and it’s increasing impact / relevance in this ‘work-from-home’ lifestyle.

How ‘biophilic’ design can create a better workspace – A design philosophy that could make you more productive and happy at work, based on research that shows that ‘incorporating nature can help with things like decreasing stress and increasing productivity, creativity and attention span.

The Evolving Workspace – An article that takes a detailed look into how offices might have to evolve in the post-Covid world. ‘COVID is now a part of our story, and as employees return to work, they will be looking for reassurance about their safety and the values of their workplace.

The tyranny of chairs: why we need better design – Many of us who have been working from home for an extended period of time would, by now, have realised the importance of having an ergonomic chair. This article looks at the history of chair design.

Change Your Space, Change Your Mind – An interesting podcast on how you can change / design your space to help drive creativity.

How ‘Feierabend’ helps Germans disconnect from the workday – A challenge that many of us might have faced while working from home is how to disconnect ‘work’ from ‘personal time’. This article talks about how we could design our lives to create that clean break between work and life.

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