Monday Reads – 19/10

Photo by Nicola Nuttall on Unsplash

This week’s articles include topics such as Work From Home, Why Read, The Power of Place and The Algebra of Happiness. Happy Reading!

Is Silicon Valley Ready for WFH? – Last week, I wrote about Twitter’s plans for a permanent Work From Home policy. This article looks at how some other Silicon Valley organisations’ plans for WFH.

Why Read? – Some nuggets from Harold Bloom’s book on ‘How to Read and Why’.

The Power of Place: 8 Writers on the Destinations that Changed their Lives – Beautiful nuggets from some leading travel writers on places that inspired them, and literally changes their lives.

The Algebra of Happiness – Regular readers of my weekly column would know that I do like reading articles by Professor Scott Galloway. This, for a change, is a video, but a very nice one on what really makes us happy.

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