Monday Reads – 12/10

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A few interesting articles from the world of Tech, and the city that’s probably highest on my bucket list of Indian cities to visit…

When the Dust Settles – A thought-provoking articles on who is likely to emerge as the winners in the post-pandemic ‘New Normal’ era…

Americans might never come back to the office, and Twitter is leading the charge – A detailed look behind the scenes of Twitter’s plans for indefinite work from home for its employees…

The disruption con: why big tech’s favourite buzzword is nonsense – This might not be a popular view, but it’s important to understand how others (non-tech folks) might perceive the tech world’s obsession with ‘Disruption’.

Hometown Discoveries: That Sweet Calcutta Cacophony – I am disappointed that, in my over 4 and a half decades, I have only visited Kolkata once, and that too, for a brief business visit. I would love to spend more time exploring this metropolis in Eastern India and soaking in its atmosphere. In the meantime, I have to do with reading such articles on the charms of the city.

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