Monday Reads – 28/09

In addition to the now regular articles on the impact of the pandemic on work and office, this week’s list contains articles on the surprising benefits of talking to strangers, coffee and travel.

Is the office obsolete? Many travelers hope so – It was interesting for me to read that the term “Digital Nomad” is over 20 years old. The pandemic and the rising numbers of people ‘working from home’ is quite likely to increase the tribe of these digital nomads. This article explores the pros and cons of this lifestyle.

What 800 executives envision for the postpandemic workforce – Results of a survey conducted by McKinsey in June 2020. To be honest, there are no real surprises here, but the article does point out some of the challenges that remain to be addressed as we live through some major shifts in how we approach work.

The surprising benefits of talking to strangers – It is interesting that I came across not one, but two articles on this very topic last week! This is one of the two (the longer one)

David Sedaris on the Joy of Talking to Strangers – And this is the second (and shorter) one!

Higher ground: the expert guide to making the perfect cup of coffee at home – My love of coffee started when I was living in Australia and continued when I was in Dublin, Ireland. While I am yet to find that perfect cappuccino in India, I am lucky to enjoy some great South Indian filter coffee made at home daily. This article is for all coffee lovers, who might be missing their favourite baristas.

12 Destinations in India Perfect for a Holiday Right Now – It was World Tourism Day on Sunday, 27th September. There is no doubt that tourism is one of the, if not THE, hardest hit sectors with the covid crisis. If you are in the mood for travel, then this ‘is a list of spectacular destinations in India which are off the beaten track, thus allowing one to spend their upcoming holidays in relative safety.

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