Month: August 2020

Monday Reads – 03/08

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This week’s reading cuts across many different topics from music to melancholy… Read on and let me know what you think!

Five things a 400-year-old self-help book has taught us – This article analyses how Robert Burton’s 1621 text, The Anatomy of Melancholy, holds up four centuries later. It is interesting to see that some actions that we now consider as beneficial for mental well-being were first memntioned four hundred years ago.

Dawg on the Wall – A key event in the world of tech last week was the Antitrust Congressional hearings where the CEOs of four of the largest tech companies were called to testify. In this article, Profession Galloway comments on this event in his usual acerbic manner. Worth a read.

The Four Quadrants of Conformism – I must admit that I had not come across this theory of conformism before. I found it extremely interesting and made me think about where I fall in this quadrant. Passively independent-minded sounds most like me!

Five essential podcasts for music aficionados – If you, like me, are a music fan, then you might want to consider listening to these podcasts. And if there are other podcasts that you enjoy, then please do let me know!