Monday Reads – 24/08

crop executive designer analyzing data using graphics tablet in office
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Business Models for the post-pandemic world, the robotics revolution, the Observer Effect and the Conflict of Obsessions make up this week’s list.

Modern Business Models Will Drive the Post-Pandemic World – What are the critical components of a business model that is most likely to survive and do well in a post-pandemic era? Read this article to find the answer.

The robot revolution has arrived – A long article that explores in detail the role that robots are already playing in our world and what impacts this is likely to make as more and more robots enter our lives.

The Conflict of Obsessions – Anyone who has worked in the field of Data and Analytics will be familiar with the premise of this (another) long article. The conflict that Avinash Kaushik writes about is between the Data Analyst / Visualiser on the one hand who would like to convey as mush information as possible in a visualisation / infographic and the Data Consumer on the other hand who is trying to answer the question of ‘What’s in it for me?‘ in the shortest possible time.

The Observer Effect: Seeing Is Changing – Anyone who has studied Physics would be familiar with the famous thought experiment of Erwin Shcrodinger and the cat. However, this effect is not restricted to Physics alone and has been observed in Biology as well. We would all likely agree with the statement – “In general, we change our behavior when we expect to be seen.” This article concludes with looking at how we could use this effect to our benefit.






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