Monday Reads – 10/08

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In this week, we look at articles on the perils of working too hard, and other topics that I found interesting. Hope you like them!

When productivity becomes an addiction – Working ‘hard’ as always been looked upon favourably. This article explores what happens when “getting things done is taken to an extreme”. One suggestion by neuroscientist, Dr. Sandra Chapman, “Take five minutes at least five times a day to completely stop. Turn off your technology and go outside.”

Work Less – More on the same theme. “If you could work fewer but more focused hours, you’d free up time for true rest. For play, connection, self-care. And perhaps, more than doing the tasks themselves, this would be the true victory.

The Great Distancing – An article focused on the United States of America, but well written and worth a read.

The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories – The last article for this week is the fascinating story of Donald Knuth, a computer scientist who began writing his magnum opus, a book series on “The Art of Computer Programming” in 1962 and has yet to complete.



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