Monday Reads – 27/07

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This week, we continue reading about impacts of the pandemic, both short-term and long-term.

Covid 19, globotics, and development – This article argues that, “as we adjust to remote working, a new era of telemigration may drive demand for globalisation in services. This may be good news for many emerging economies, because they can exploit their comparative advantage in labour without having to manufacture goods.

Growth is falling and it has a lot to do with the youth – A very interesting take on why global growth has been declining since 2008. If this in indeed the main driver, then it will have significant implications on how markets can seek to continue driving economic growth in the future.

5 reasons why you’re probably procrastinating more right now – Important insights to be mindful as organisations around the world are trying to figure out what the workplace (and work styles) of the future might look like.

Appearances vs Experiences:  What Really Makes Us Happy – Most of us would agree that experiences are more likely to make us happier than appearances (buying stuff). There are some very interesting examples of this in the article, including one on the impact of (long) commutes on happiness.


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