Monday Reads – 20/07

woman using her laptop on video call
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With Bangalore and many others parts of the World going back into lock-down, this week’s articles continue to be influenced by Covid-19.

The Covid-19 changes that could last long-term – Now that it’s been over 3 months into the changed lifestyles that many of us are experiencing post lock-down, it’s a good time to take stock and consider what of the changes might we end up living with for longer. This article looks at the impact on our personal lives, work lives and the climate.

The Implications of Working Without An Office – Results from a detailed survey (US only) on the impact of working from home. Some very interesting insights here, especially on the key downside of Work from Home – ‘the loss of unplanned interactions that lead to important outcomes.’

The Boeing-747: The Plane That Shrank The World – Continuing on the Covid-19 related topics, British Airways, currently the largest operator of the Boeing 747, announced that it would retire its entire fleet of the iconic aircraft earlier than expected. It’s hard to imagine that this iconic aeroplane made its debut half a century ago. I have a personal connection with this aircraft as I made my first international journey on one. It will be a sad day indeed when this plane will no longer grace the skies.

Tradition is Smarter Than You Are – Ending with a relatively long read, this article discussed the point that rational thinking might not be the key to our success as a species. We must consider that ‘cultural evolution is often much smarter than we are‘. A very interesting read.


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