Month: June 2020

Globe Trekker

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I forget the exact time, but it was maybe 15 years ago that a travel show aired on Indian satellite TV that made a big impact on me. The show – ‘Globe Trekker‘.

If you have not watched it, each roughly 50 minute episode of the show has travel hosts taking the viewer along with them on journeys to different parts of the world. The style was casual, with a view to immersing the viewers into the heart of the action. It was meant for budget oriented independent travelers and shot in a corresponding style.

I loved watching this show and seeing different places on TV. I have always loved traveling, but I do believe this show played no small role in developing my passion further.

And so, it came as a pleasant surprise for me to discover, the other day, that Lonely Planet is now providing free access to all the Globe Trekker episodes, along with other travel related shows. It gave me an opportunity to revisit this show. While I enjoyed watching some of them, I am not sure that the show has aged particularly well. Travel shows have evolved from ‘showing’ us new places to deeply ‘immersing’ us in the culture of the place. A prime example of this would be some of Anthony Bourdain’s shows. Or taking us on an education journey, like many of BBC’s travel documentaries.

Having said that, the show has a certain charm, and for me, a certain nostalgia associated with it. Which is why I would strongly recommend that you try and watch a few episodes. And please let me know your comments!

Monday Reads – 01/06

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We are kicking off the sixth month of the year, and what a year it’s been… This is the month that signals the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the onset of monsoons and the start of a new academic year in India. All of these things will continue to happen this year, of course, but it all feels very strange…

Here are a few articles to kick off the new month (which brings us that much closer to the end of this year!):

Five near-future trends changing the way you work – This article was written a few months before the pandemic, but I think the trends mentioned still hold true and are worth ruminating over.

The secret to a long and healthy life? Eat less – I know it’s a bit strange to talk about long and healthy lives when so many are dying due to the Coronavirus. Having said that, I believe that the results of the studies mentioned in this article have very important implications for all of us.

The Joy of Bone-Exhausting Work – I am sure most of us are familiar with the feeling of satisfaction (and exhaustion) after doing some hard, physical labour. This article goes on to add some important things to keep in mind after doing hard labour and raises the question of how we could bring this joy to our daily lives.

Does music help us work better? It depends – I am definitely someone who cannot work with music on. I like to pay my complete attention to the music that I am listening, and therefore, having it on while working is a distraction. But there are many others who seme to enjoy working with music on. This article explores this subject in detail.

Lonely Planet TV – Back in the 1990s, a few years after India had ‘liberalised’ her economy and we were exposed to the joys of satellite TV, a travel series burst on the screens. I was captivated by the series that, for the first time, exposed me to some of the most beautiful and captivating destinations around the World. The series – “Globe Trekker“. The great news is that Lonely Planet has now thrown open access to all the episodes of this iconic series, along with many more. Go ahead and rediscover one of the great travel shows!