Monday Reads – 29/06

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Organisation culture, consumer mindset, How to Rest, Eat and more in this week’s set.

How to Sustain Your Organization’s Culture When Everyone Is Remote – While most of my work happens remotely, I used to work out a co-working space. I enjoyed the feeling of ‘going to work’ and being surrounded by other co-workers. I no longer do so, but there is no doubt that remote working can and must be impacting the culture at many organisations. “Culture is ultimately about the actions we take and make visible to others, and the meanings we invest in those — harder, but not impossible, to maintain from the kitchen table.

Are Recent Trends Here to Stay? – Some insights from Search trends on Google on understanding consumer mindset during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Lost Art of True Rest – When, if ever, do we really ‘Rest’? This is a question worth introspecting over, especially in the current situation.

Defund The Police – A great take on the movement against racial discrimination in the US. While the circumstances leading up to it have been very sad, it is nice to see some action being taken. This article highlights some more action that can be taken by corporates to sustain the movement and bring long-lasting and impactful change.

You’ve got five appetites — not just one – Over the past couple of years, I have consciously tried to eat healthier. I strongly feel that this is one of the best steps we can take to a healthier lifestyle. Definitely worth a read (and hopefully, action).


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