Monday Reads – 22/06

backlit beach dawn dusk
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We have just had a very interesting day (at least in India). Yesterday, June 21, was the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, The International Yoga Day, Father’s Day and Music Day. And in India (and other parts of Asia), we got to witness an Annular Solar Eclipse.

Here are a few articles to kick off the week:

The Lifelong Exercise That Keeps Japan Moving – While Yoga is undeniably a great practice to inculcate, another nation has its own unique way of ensuring its citizens stay fit. It’s called “Rajio taiso” and is broadcast daily on Japan’s national radio, streamed on YouTube and practised daily by Japanese of all ages.

Stop Preparing For The Last Disaster – Our tendency as a society is to prepare ourselves for a repeat of the last disaster. This article makes the thought-provoking point that a better approach might be to ‘step back…look at what made us so vulnerable to it in the first place‘.

The Reasons Why People Become Incompetent At Work – Many of us might have heard this phrase in corporate life – “Every employee tends to rise to his or her level of incompetence“. But I did not know, until after reading this article, that the quote was termed by an educationalist called Laurence J Peter, back in 1969. And it continues to remain valid even 50 years on. It leads one to wonder – what is it about the corporate fascination with ‘climbing up the ladder’ that has led to the persistence of this phenomenon?

iAddiction – On a related note is this article on ‘the pursuit of dopamine‘. It states that ‘Technological change is vastly outpacing our species’ ability to adapt to an endless barrage of stimuli. This discrepancy in modulation has exploded our levels of teen depression and social chaos.‘. And it suggests that we practice the art of ‘slowing down‘ to combat this effect.


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