Monday Reads – 18/05

people on a video call
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As businesses are slowly trying to get back to ‘normal’, here are some very interesting and thought-provoking articles on the potential impact of the pandemic on our lives:

How Coronavirus Will Disrupt Future Colleges & Universities – Some very thought-provoking views from Professor Scott Galloway on what the future of higher education might look a few years into the ‘Post Coronavirus’ era.

12 Ways the World Will Change When Everyone Works Remotely – This is not a very recent article (about 6 months old), but looking back, it was quite prescient in describing a state of work that is already upon us.

5 Changes To Expect In The Workplace After COVID-19 – This article mentions a few changes that we can expect in our workplaces as more and more businesses and people get comfortable with the concept of regular remote working.

How Business Leaders Can Plan For The Next Normal – Some insights from McKinsey on how Business Leaders can plan for the significant changes to be expected in the ‘Post Coronavirus’ age.

Consumer Sentiment Evolves As The Next “Normal” Approaches – Finally, some very interesting data on consumer sentiment in the ‘Post Coronavirus’ scenario, across multiple countries. Some interesting insights were surprise to see that consumers in large Asian countries seem to be the more optimistic, while more South American countries have consumers more likely to increase spending. Very interestingly, Germany and France are the only two countries where consumers plan to increase their domestic travel.

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