Monday Reads – 04/05

Pink flowers against a blue sky with white clouds
Photo by chi liu on Unsplash

Today is when there is a relaxation of lock-down in India, across most parts. A few of you might be headed back to work; our apartment complex has decided to allow household help to resume services. I hope all of you remain safe wherever you are.

A few articles to kick off the new month:

‘Zoom fatigue’ is taxing the brain. Here’s why that happens – Do you feel more tired than usual after a video call? You might be suffering from ‘Zoom fatigue’. This article explains why many people feel more tired after a video call than a face to face meeting of the same length.

The Man Who Thought Too Fast – I had never heard of Frank Ramsey until I read this ‘New Yorker’ profile. It was fascinating to read that one of the papers he composed in 1926 laid the foundations for what we now know as ‘Decision Theory’.

Why birding is taking flight with a new generation – I have been a bird-watcher for over 3 decades. This article explains why this hobby is becoming increasingly popular, ‘particularly among young outdoor enthusiasts’.

Alone in Angkor Wat – A poignant note on experiencing one of the wonders of the world, in isolation.

Covid-19 Positive News – Shout out to a friend of mine who is sharing positive news about the Coronavirus pandemic. Much needed in these times.


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