Monday Reads – 20/04

Gardens by the Bay
Photo by Miguel Sousa on Unsplash

Some interesting articles I came across last week:

We need a new Science of Progress – This article by one of the co-founders of Stripe looks back at the history of the birth of some of the US of A’s top educational and research institutions and makes the point that ‘Humanity needs to get better at knowing how to get better.’ It is a bit disappointing, though, to not see India being mentioned as one of the key places where knowledge was pursued in the Middle Ages. I believe it reflects a general lack of understanding and appreciation, in the West, of India’s role in the development of key sciences.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Key to Innovation – Another article on the topic of science (and art). This take a potentially contentious topic and presents it in a very matter-of-fact (read, nice) fashion. The gist of the article is that ‘Innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum’.

See Majestic Photos of the Tallest Trees on Earth – Continuing with the theme of ‘giants, a photo-feature by the National Geographic on the largest block of old-growth redwood forest on Earth.

See how your City’s Climate might change by 2070 – Sticking with the National Geographic, this is a very interesting feature that allows the reader to explore how the climate of the place they are living in could be transformed if carbon emissions continue to rise.


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