My East Asia Bucket List

ancient architecture asia bench
Photo by Pixabay on

Moving on from Oceania and into Asia, and starting with East Asia.

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun has fascinated me for a while now with its food, culture and architecture. After visiting New York, Tokyo is now on the top of my cities to visit list. In addition, I would love to spend time in the historic city of Kyoto and try and visit Okinawa Islands, famous for the longevity of its residents.

China: I would start at Beijing, to visit the Forbidden City, make my way to Xian, one of the oldest cities in China and the starting point of the historical Silk Road. I would probably them make my way south to one of the historical capital cities of China – Nanjing.

Mongolia: I have always regarded Mongolia as a place with an air of mystery. The land of the legendary Genghis Khan and wide open grasslands has never struck me as a particularly travel-worthy destination. Again, the pull of history and legend is what might make me consider visiting the capital city – Ulaanbaatar. But only in summer, as it is considered as the coldest capital city in the world!

Hong Kong: As a child, I had a book with beautiful images of the sky line of Hong Kong, and the place has always been one that I would love to visit. Not just to see the skyline, but also experience some of the natural beauty that surrounds this busy city.


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