My Oceania Bucket List

Uluru – January 2011

A few days back I had written about my India bucket-list of places to visit.

I am now starting a series on my global bucket-list, starting with Oceania.

Australia: I consider myself fortunate to have lived in Australia for a few years. We were staying in Sydney, and visited Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Port Douglas, Alice Springs and Uluru. I would love to explore the North and West of Australia next, places such as Darwin, Perth and Broome. But one place that I will absolutely revisit is the Outback. There is a certain elemental and spiritual beauty to the place that I have experienced in very few places (Ladakh in India is another). The road trip from Alice Springs to Uluru, camping in a tent under the vast expanse of sky, and walking round Uluru and Kata Tjuta remain among my fondest travel memories.

New Zealand: Just before leaving Australia, we did a camper-van trip around the whole of New Zealand’s South Island. Again, we have very fond memories of that trip. I would visit Wellington and Auckland on the North Island on my next visit.

Fiji: There are so many Pacific nations, and it’s a tough question to answer as to which ones would you like to visit, if you had to pick just a couple. I would probably settle on Fiji as one of the countries to visit in the Pacific. It’s one of the islands closest to Australia / New Zealand and is big enough to offer different experiences beyond just lounging on the beach (though that’s probably what we would mostly end up doing!).

Tahiti: It might probably be a bit of a stretch to visit this place, but who wouldn’t want to visit French Polynesia? I am also interested in this place due to the fact that the famous painter, Paul Gauguin lived and painted some of his most famous works here.

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