Happy Vishu!

Today (April 14) is the day of the festival of Vishu, celebrated primarily by Malayalees (state of Kerala). It marks the New Year in the local calendar.

The day starts with Vishukani – the seeing of auspicious things first thing in the morning (before day break). We had prepared a Kani of a few items such as Golden Cucumber, Mango, Banana and rice. Here are a couple of photos of our simple arrangement.

Vishu - Payasam
Red Rice Payasam


Another important element of Vishu is the Sadya or Feast. Unfortunately, with the lock-down and work requirements, we did not prepare an elaborate Sadya. I did manage to prepare a couple of traditional items – Olan and Payasam.


It is fascinating that there are numerous festivals celebrated on this day across India and South-east Asia. This is the day of Baisakhi for people of the state of Punjab, Bihu for Assamese, Pahela Baisakh (Noboborsho) for Bengalis, Puthandu for Tamilians. It is also celebrated as Songkran across South-east Asia and marks their New Year as well.

So Festival Greetings to everyone celebrating today!

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