Day Who Knows of Lock-down: My India Travel List Part 4

Camel on the Rann of Kutch, India
Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

I have lost count of the days of lock-down. But I know that the next region for my India Travel wish list is West and Central India.

Rajasthan: The biggest state in the country and filled with magical tourist destinations. This is the place that I would love to take my wife and kids, who have never been there, to. In addition to the popular destinations, I would love to visit Pushkar and the havelis of Shekhawati.

Madhya Pradesh: Moving on to Central India and another state that has been bestowed with an abundance of beautiful places. On my next visit there, I plan to visit Khajuraho and Orchha.

Chattisgarh: To be honest, I am not very familiar with all the places in the region. But the tourism authorities of the state have been aggressively promoting the district of Bastar, so I might try and visit that region when I am in the area.

Gujarat: One of the states that I have stayed in and traveled around. One region that I haven’t visited yet, though, and I would love to, is Kutch.

Maharashtra: The state I was born in and spent a large part of my life. This is one place where I would willingly break my rule of not revisiting places I have been to previously. The reason for this is the stunning Ajanta and Ellora caves. These rank, in my humble opinion, high up on the list of the greatest human achievements ever, anywhere in the World. It is absolutely one of the places to visit in one’s lifetime.

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