Monday Reads – 06/04

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky
Photo by Nextvoyage on

The first Monday of the fourth month of the year. Who would have thought, at the beginning of the second, or even third, month that a large percentage of the world’s population would be staying at home under lock-down, with no clear date in sight as to when all this would end…

If you, like me, are pining for the outdoors, then here are a few articles that you might enjoy reading / watching:

25 surprising travel facts that’ll make you see the world in a whole new light – Some interesting nuggets of information here. How many did you know?

Lonely Planet’s Friday Quiz – Continuing with travel, trivia and Lonely Planet, here are some interesting quizzes for all your travel fans. How much did you score?

THE BEST TRAVEL DOCUMENTARIES TO STREAM RIGHT NOW – A great collection of travel documentaries. More to add to my list!

Attenborough’s Reef – Want to (virtually) explore underwater. It might not get better than Sir David Attenborough narrating his travels along the Great Barrier Reef.

Want to Leave This Planet? NASA Is Offering Some Seriously Cool Virtual Space Tours Right Now – Finally, had enough of this planet and dream of going somewhere far away? Well, you can do so virtually now!

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