Monday Reads – 30/03

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So India announced a 21-day lock-down last Tuesday. Covid-19 is still pretty much the only topic that is being discussed these days. A few articles that try to explain why we are reacting the way we are, and what the future might look like.

Coronavirus is spreading panic. Here’s the science behind why.  – Why do people hoard toilet paper is a question that’s been puzzling me ever since we started reading news of people hoarding and fighting toilet paper rolls. This article explains why.

Economic life after coronavirus: Lessons from the Black Death – This article looks at The Plague that devastated Europe in the second half of the 14th Century and how markets reacted afterwards to ask the question of what the impact on economic life might be after we come out of this crisis.

Today we’re fighting COVID-19. Where will our world be in 2070? – How will humans be interacting with Nature 50 years from now? This is the topic that National Geographic explores in this article, looking at both an optimistic scenario and a more pessimistic one. We have big decisions to make if

Is It Time to Break up with Travel? – There’s no doubt that one of the biggest impacts has been felt by the Travel Industry. And surprisingly, I am yet to find much analysis on what the impact of this could be on the Travel and Hospitality sectors. This is one rare exception.

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